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As a State Certified Building Contractor, married to a Professional Realtor, life has always been exciting and we have always embraced a challenge. We built a 3-story home on an island in Florida and got to know our neighbors over the years. A good neighbor asked Terri to sell his house, and she did. Then his brother asked her to sell his home . . . Same deal, and she did. I was curious and said, "Hey neighbor . . . What's this Mountain you are always talking about?" Well, he told me his family had been on this Tennessee mountain for many generations and they were all going back to the homes of their heritage. David Swafford said, "We have RV pads. Get in your motorhome, come on up and see for yourself!" So, we did. We were on the Mountain for less than a week, fell in love, and bought this property.

It was so beautiful, quiet, and exhilarating, that we decided to share it with family. We remodeled the Farmhouse and our children and friends came to visit. Our grandsons, Mason and Matthew, were also thrilled with the property and they inspired us to build them each a "Cabin in the Woods". When it became obvious that they could not be here always, because of school and other obligations, we decided to share it with guests on vacation. We contacted a service called "HomeAway" and Rocky Ridge Resort (A name chosen by my wonderful wife!) was born.

We have tournament fishermen, NACA tournament parents, vacationers from all over, and all sorts of great guests. Why we even had a college championship fishing team stay here, as well as a genuine BassMasters World Champion! Nicest people in the world! Come on up and see for yourself. Feel the magic of our Mountain! WELCOME! Our Farmhouse and Cabins are fully furnished and completely equipped with everything but groceries. Each guest enters a clean, fresh, house or cabin that has sanitized linens, and laundry, towels, good beds and a rustic charm. We provide room for vehicle and bass boat/trailer parking with outdoor charging ports and service lighting. Peace . . . Quiet . . . Privacy . . . . And some of the best air you'll ever breathe, all come with the place! Come visit our Mountain!, We are about 5 miles from the Dayton boat launch, at Lake Chickamauga, where the fishing tournaments are held, so we like the fishermen and their families, and we provide what they need. About two miles away is Fort Bluff and the NACA sports tournaments for youth. A lot of the parents, attending the children's tournaments, stay with us. We do our best to make them feel at home. People wanting the privacy of a mountain getaway, yet close proximity to all sorts of attractions and day trips, are also some of the finest people we have ever had the pleasure to meet. They come and stay here because of where we are, and how peaceful it is here. All these folks are certainly always welcome at Rocky Ridge Resort!, "Relax . . . . . Come Visit Our Mountain!"

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